Why fitouts are like Leicester City Football Club

In case you’ve been living under a rock lately avoiding television, print and all forms of social media, you would know one of the biggest stories in sporting history occurred recently .  Leicester City won the Premier League. At an amazing 5000-1 odds statisticians claimed there was a greater possibility of;

  1.  Elvis Presley still being alive
  2.  The world finally confirming existence of the Loch Ness monster and;
  3.  Scoring a hole in one on your first tee

This remarkable feat will probably never be achieved again in sporting history and whether or not you’re a football fan, you have to admire Leicester City’s panache to overcome all odds and fight their way to dreamland.


Leicester’s title win is a little like achieving the impossible with an office fitout. Competition is so fierce and there are so many options that tenants now expect the impossible (let’s call that a Google style office A.K.A Manchester United or Chelsea) on a shoestring budget (a budget equivalent to Leicester’s squad) with an impossible timeframe (lets apply the principal of a 10 month season to a short approval and construction program) with the ultimate goal (let’s call that the Premier League trophy or a modern, high end fitout) – you see where we’re going with this?

Some of you may think its absurd to compare football to an office fitout but when you apply the principal you can see the similarities – deliver the dream on a restricted budget against a plethora of opposition. We recently wrote about how much choice tenants have in this market and how fiercely competitive it is, so just how is it possible to achieve the impossible?

The reality is fitouts cost what they cost. We can advise, guide, consult and recommend but ultimately – designing and building comes as a price. Its a matter of establishing and managing a budget early in the process and applying intelligent design solutions to reduce building costs. Construction costs remain more or less the same (i.e. physical built structures) and there are limited options to engineer the price of how much it costs to build a gyprock or glazed wall. Where you can be creative and save money is with your finishes (and to an extent, building services).


Partition costs don’t vary much – although its usually costlier to erect glazed partitions


There are plenty of options with furniture, material and colour selections to control budget

Through a design and construct process, its possible to establish a project’s cost upfront, before any financial commitments are made. You have an opportunity to review a spatial plan – illustrating how your business would fit into an office and visualise the look and feel. There is so much choice available in the way of finishes – workstations, furniture (loose and custom joinery), colours and fabrics – that it can sometimes be quite overwhelming to decide what you would like. Efficient construction occurs with creative design and when you’re dealing with an experienced design team working concurrently with a estimating / project management team, you can almost guarantee your fitout will look and feel the way you envisaged with a high probability of meeting budget expectations.

We have recently delivered some high end looking fitouts in Perth and Melbourne on a limited budget. Each project required setting expectations and hand holding the client from the outset, providing education on the D&C process and costs involved in achieving a fitout.  It is possible to deliver a modern, fresh looking office on a budget providing you’re willing to work collaboratively, listen to any advice provided and compromise on your wish list. To prove that its possible, we invite you to contact us and have a look at some of our recently completed fitouts.

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