What’s an efficient and risk averse fitout model?

Vacancy rates are the highest we have experienced in over 20 years. Confidence is low, decisions are taking longer than ever and tenants are more conscious of every dollar spent in today’s market.

For a tenant moving office, growing, merging or consolidating with a fitout requirement –  you business is in demand. Firms are increasingly over using cliché terms like, “innovation” “best practice” and “value for money outcomes” in an attempt to win projects. Buyers are extremely educated and routinely do their homework before embarking on a change of scenery and as a result, property agents and landlords are realising the importance of incentivizing tenants to secure their business. All this is great if you’re a tenant but it doesn’t address the issue of how best to mitigate your risk and efficiently deliver your fitout – a crucial part of a business.  Fitouts set the tone of how a business functions and operates, affects staff morale and projects a business’ brand.


InSite delivered PEET Limited’s fitout using a Design & Construct Model.

With a myriad of delivery options, the market is saturated with firms offering various services and it can be quite confusing to distinguish between different models and selecting one which helps deliver your fitout or refurbishment project efficiently.

Just how do you select the most efficient option? What’s going to give a buyer the utmost confidence that they are making the right decision? What works best for your business? What’s going to help you visualise the end result, understand how much a project is going to cost and how long it’s going to take before you’ve outlayed any capital?

Maximum efficiency occurs when you’re working alongside a firm which assumes total accountability over a project – that includes design, cost, program and ultimately, the final look and feel. Total accountability also guarantees everybody is working on the same team so if challenges are encountered (and let’s face it – there are always challenges!) – finger-pointing simply isn’t an option. Instead, everybody collaborates and works on solutions simultaneously. A firm with complete accountability employs a multidisciplinary team where design, estimating and project delivery are all experts in their fields and working concurrently towards the same goal. You still have the benefit of a single point of contact, are guaranteed continuity and have the option of being as involved as you please with the project. It’s a very streamlined process which thrives on open, honest communication.


Mistubishi selected a Design and Construct model to deliver their fitout

It’s this open and honest communication which also translates to transparency. We operate in a market where educated buyers are increasingly conscious of being offering transparency, particularly in a game where, as they say, “the devil lies in the detail.” How do you know what you’re paying for? And how can you be sure you’re going to get what you’ve paid for? Working alongside a firm which offers transparency ensures you  know what you’re getting before making any financial commitments in a format that is easy to follow and understand.

Combine all these factors -a firm with total accountability who is prepared to design, cost and program a project before a dollar is spent, employs a multidisciplinary team and adopts a transparent delivery approach – and you have all the ingredients to efficiently deliver your fitout. In fact it’s so efficient that you’re almost guaranteed to save time and money whilst building the kind of fitout your business aspires to.

It all sounds good but just how do you know its going to work for your business? Well, the best part is you get to try before you buy which completely removes your risk. It’s a process built on trust and a commercial relationship which develops once you’re aligned to the right business partner. We’ve been using this method of delivering projects for over 50 years.

Fifty Years.

There’s a reason why its been working so well for so long. It’s a flexible, risk averse model which acts as a beacon through what can be a daunting and complex process, guiding tenants towards the best possible outcome. So what is the model?

Design and Construct.

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