Branding your fitout

How important is your brand? That question should be self explanatory and very easy to answer.

Quite simply – very important.


Your brand is your business. Its a reflection of everything your business stands for and represents; its staff, clients, philosophy and mission statement. Your brand is probably the single most important part of your business which leads to recognition through identification.

Some of the world’s biggest brands are recognisable purely through their logos and corporate colours – The Tick, the  iconic Golden Arches and an Apple are 3 classic examples. These brands are unquestionably leaders in their respective industries and represent success on a global scale. Your brand needs to register with your staff and clients, embracing your business philosophy without “marking” every piece of paper with your logo.

Incorporating brand into a fitout is a very effective way to promote your organisation internally and externally by reminding your clients and employees who you are and what you’re about.  

There are so many techniques designers use that its possible to capture your corporate brand anywhere in a fitout. A common practice is the use  of window and wall graphics – a straightforward, inexpensive method of ensuring there is a subtle presence felt throughout a workplace. Carpet tiles and fabrics in a company’s corporate colours across different parts of an office is a clever way of providing differentiation between areas whilst reinforcing your business and brand to staff and clients.

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The one area which is often paid the most attention is a reception. As the front of house and ‘face’ of a business, its where everybody walks into your office and forms their first impression. A reception should make an impact so your workplace is instantly recognisable and respected as a place of business.


Whether its using paraphernalia (see the first image – Red Bull’s reception) or simply by writing you business’ philosophy across tenancy walls, your fitout is your brand and its important to brand your fitout in a way which is synonymous with what your business represents.

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