Take a break…….have some fun at work

We operate in a world where a significant portion of our lives are spent at work. Employers look for maximum output from their staff and are increasingly conscious of the demands placed on their employees to perform. Employers realise the value of attracting and retaining skilled employees by offering a “home away from home” in an office environment which is not only aligns with a business’ culture and ethos, but provides staff with a comfortable place to work. Similarly, it is now common practice to offer clients an environment where casual meetings and even presentations are often held.










A well designed office fitout does wonders for your business. Not only is it a representation of brand and image, but its a place where clients and staff are  made to feel comfortable. It provides clients an opportunity to truly partner with your business and feel like part of the team and empowers staff to work in a place where taking a break is as easy as popping down to a local cafe for a cappuccino. One of the key features in a well designed fitout is a breakout which doubles as a staff collaboration and engagement zone. Breakouts provide the prefect balance between the cafe feel and a professional, contemporary client meeting area.










Breakout areas don’t necessarily cost a lot of money. In fact, you’d be surprised at just how little it costs to design and build an area which offers multiple uses. Its a great way to efficiently use your office space, create something which staff and clients are drawn to and puts a little fun back into work. Imagine being able to strategise your approach to a meeting with one of your colleagues, or perhaps talk about the progress of a project with a client – over a game of pool…whilst sipping on a coffee? Providing the game doesn’t get too serious and end up with 2 fiercely competitive people – its a fantastic way to squeeze a little down time into your busy day whilst still being productive and using your time efficiently.


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