LinkedIn to InSite

InSite Commercial Interiors is a long time subscriber to the professional networking site LinkedIn. 

InSite Directors and Corporate Development Managers regularly update their LinkedIn profiles, and use the social networking site to connect with other professionals:

Leah Billingham


The West Australian recently published an article citing the benefits of LinkedIn over other social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, in that it allows the user to control their image through a professional networking platform:

Of all the social networks, LinkedIn is arguably the least sexy…So why is the site gaining at least one new member every second?

Careful to differentiate the service from “social” networks such as Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn Australia and New Zealand managing director Cliff Rosenberg argues that it’s exactly that ability to control “1oo per cent” of how you are portrayed that makes the “professional: network important.

That, and LinkedIn’s high level of search engine optimisation, which pushes your profile further up Google results the more you use the site….

Excerpt from No salacious scandal for these LinkedIn image control Freaks

By Louise Burke

The West Australian 29 June 2011

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