InSite hosts Future Directions Committee

The April Committee meeting for Future Directions was held at InSite Commercial Interiors office in West Perth on 13th April. InSite’s Corporate Development Manager, Jackie Turner was invited to join the Future Directions Committee earlier this year and is relishing her role in the Perth Property scene.

Future Directions recently held their first event for 2011, “Are we back in Boom Town?” for a crowd of over 100 young property professionals. Guest speakers Lisa Scaffidi (Lord Mayor), Peter Agostino (CBRE), Mark Vonic (Primewest) and Brendan Arundell (NAB) acted as panelists for the evening, and discussed the topic with insight, reflection and advice.

Future Directions is planning a series of exciting events for the coming months, and encourages young people in property to participate in Property Council events & seminars and utilise the information available through the Council.

As well as hosting networking events, Future Directions also provides feedback to the Property Council through commenting on various industry regulations, proposed policy and legislation.

To find out more about Future Directions or Property Council advocacy services, information and events in your city, visit