InSite Turns 40!!!


There are few Western Australian companies that can boast a 40 year history. InSite Commercial Interiors is among the rare few. And despite some name changes over the years, the company’s guiding ethos of providing good value to its corporate customers has remained unchanged.

Recently retired founder and executive director Geoff Wood says the company’s dedication to providing unparalleled value and its ability to evolve and adapt in the marketplace are at the heart of its success.

“We’ve seen a lot of changes over the years in our industry. When we started out in 1965 we were a real pioneer, specializing in office furniture from a large retail showroom in West Perth.”

“Soon after we started out, Mount Newman Mining came to town and quickly became a major client. This client was a key source of our growth in the very beginning. We did their new office on the corner of Thomas and Richardson streets in West Perth, and many subsequent projects for them.”

As the company grew it also evolved and started extending its offering from furniture sales to design consulting to where we are today as a full design and construct company.

“We won a large job for the City of Belmont which had a significant design element, resulting in the beginning of our design department.”

As well an ability to adapt, Geoff believes a fair and honest approach has always attracted clients and kept them coming back.

“We’ve always treated everyone with respect. We’re just not in the business of overcharging or trying to be something we’re not.”

“For me it’s always been about relationships – that is why you love what you do. I still maintain many client friendships from when I first started out.”

Although these values are instilled into InSite as it is today, Geoff says that the industry landscape has changed markedly.

“The projects InSite takes on these days are much larger and more challenging. We’re project managers now – taking a holistic approach offering the full gambit of office fit outs.

“Ron and the team at InSite provide a sophisticated design and construct service, and assist clients on every aspect of leasing and fitting out a commercial premise.

“Clients with even the largest projects feel completely relaxed as the depth and breadth of InSite’s experience that enables the team to deliver every time.”

Making up InSite’s senior team is Managing Director Ron Bullen, and Directors Andrew Ryan and Murray Simcock. Their broad and varied commercial experience combine to create a strong and experienced team of experts unmatched in the commercial fit out industry.

Having experience throughout the UK, US and in Asia, Ron has developed a vast knowledge of industries including finance, property, retail and travel. His broad business experience provides an ability to know and understand the needs of corporate clients.

Murray has 25 years in corporate design, planning and construction across countless industries, Government and with high security organizations (banks, Australian Federal Police etc). He has earned an MBA, giving him even greater insight into corporate operations and culture management.

Andrew is a licensed builder by trade giving him a deep understanding of the construction process and an ability to deliver large scale projects on time and budget. With more than 13 years experience in corporate fit outs he is also skilled at accurately quoting and budgeting, significantly reducing cost variations.