A Moving Experience After 25 years!

HLB Mann Judd - InSite Commercial Interiors

Accounting firm Partners Lucio DiGiallonardo and Peter Speechley, and their fellow Partners, are quietly confident about their decision to relocate their firm to new premises in the CBD. Having commenced 2010 in the fresh environment of brand new offices at One30 Stirling Street Perth, the Partners credit InSite Commercial Interiors with helping them make their first office move in a quarter-of-a-century such a resounding success. 

Based in West Perth for the last 25 years, HLB Mann Judd were seeking to make their workplace more dynamic and ensure the best use of the available space was being made. After Insite’s complimentary planning service assessed the firm’s current office space as unsuitable, the decision was made to look for a new space to enable HLB Mann Judd to achieve their objectives. Several locations were raised, but when One30 Stirling Street was introduced to them by InSite, Peter reflects “we fell in love with it pretty quickly”. 

A green star rated building, One30 Stirling Street is in the flourishing CBD northern edge of Perth which has been undergoing an impressive regeneration of late and provides excellent exposure, value for money per square metre and quick transport links. HLB Mann Judd occupies part of the fourth floor of One30 Stirling and enjoys the benefits of an unspoilt view from the 42 metre long balcony, which spans the western side of the building.

The benefits of a new building and the chance to plan the space optimally were significant factors in the success enjoyed by HLB Mann Judd today. Through a comprehensive understanding of their client’s business, InSite were able to deliver a space that works in harmony with the firm’s ethos of working and interacting together intelligently and with efficiency.

HLB Mann Judd

Every aspect of the fit out was carefully planned to increase efficiency and provide quality interactions between staff. From the open plan design, wider corridors, dedicated breakout nooks housed with comfortable leather lounges and impressive breakout space, to the workstations, offices and meeting rooms, InSite have customised the spaces to work for HLB Mann Judd now and into the future. For example, by understanding the specific needs of the firm, InSite was able to customise the height of the storage units to fit with the height of the trolleys being used to transport files, thus increasing efficiency and improving the OS&H aspect of the task. Several meeting rooms compliment the main boardroom and provide staff with alternative spaces to hold both client meetings and internal briefings.

Increasing the floor space dedicated to staff interaction was a new concept to HLB Mann Judd, and the Partners can now attest to the success of the layout. The quality of the interactions between staff, and the productivity improvements that this appears to be having, is something pleasing to Lucio, who has noticed a favourable output of work since the move. “Our audit division team members are generally out on the road, at clients, but when they are back, we’ve now got a hub where they are able to mix with other team members and share their experiences. It adds to the culture of the firm”.

The building’s green star rating is also having a positive impact on the firm, with measures being taken in the design of the layout to increase the company’s green credentials. By moving the workstations and offices away from the windows, it breaks down the perceived barriers between managers and staff whilst increasing the natural light throughout the office. Another design decision was to redefine the way HLB Mann Judd used filing and storage facilities. By actually reducing storage space, InSite has assisted the firm to make decisions such as “Do I need that piece of paper?” As Peter commented “We’ve been talking about scanning documents and paperless work for years and years, but it’s really accelerated that to the point that we’re probably about 25% of the way through doing that. We’re being more critical about our archiving, and integrating that into our processes”. By using energy more efficiently and actively working to reduce paper wastage HLB Mann Judd are encouraging their staff to think green. Further to this, the showers and amenities at One30 Stirling Street also encourage staff to cycle and walk to work, further reducing their carbon footprint. 

In aiming to start 2010 in their new offices, HLB Mann Judd set InSite the challenging task of delivering the 1079m2 fit out in less than six weeks. As Peter mentions, “There was a lot of risk in getting us here on time. If there had been any overhang, we would have lost weeks of productivity, but as it was InSite did the construction in five weeks, which is a record.” Seeing the fit out complete for the first time, Peter and Lucio were able to take in the design, layout, colours and finishes as they had been envisaged. Lucio reflects, “We are very proud with what we have achieved, especially in the staff breakout areas”.

HLB Mann Judd is a firm of Accountants and Business and Financial Advisors, specialising in providing Business Services, Audit and Corporate Services, Tax Consulting, Superannuation and Financial Planning Services.  As a member of HLB International, the firm is part of a network of independent accountants and business advisers, with offices in more than 100 countries throughout the world. HLB International is ranked in the top 12 largest accounting and business advisory groups world-wide. www.hlb.com.au